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How will your life shift when you step into your power and live with purpose?

All packages include: 

  • Full coaching assessment to identify needs, goals, problem areas and personal strengths.

  • The option of tarot or astrological guidance.

  • Convenient scheduling​

  • Choice of phone session or zoom

Single Coaching Session (1hr)



Cracked Mud

Get grounded into your goals!

What's included:

  • 4 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions ( 1hr each)

Eagle Flying

Find your wings and soar into purpose!


What’s included: 

  • 4 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions (1hr each)

  • Personalized hypnotherapy recordings to enhance manifestation. 


Abstract Water

Dive into your depths of your soul!


What’s included:

  • Half breakthrough using Time Line Therapy & Neurolinguistic Programming (5-7 1 hr sessions)

  • Personalized guided meditation.


Walk through the fire and rise through the ashes!

What’s included:

  • Full breakthrough using Time Line Therapy/Neurolinguistic Programming

        (A full breakthrough is between 8-10 1 hr sessions)

  • Personalized guided meditations. 

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