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I know how you feel.
That feeling of being scared to go to the next level...

What if it doesn't work out? What if it does?

It's just so much easier to stay where it's safe. But then you feel stunted.

But we both know there isn't growth in safety.

I've been there.
I was there.

I remember walking down the street, wishing I might just die. Feeling like I knew I was missing pieces of myself.
I was being pulled toward unrealized potential. Do you know that longing feeling? Urging you toward greater things?

Are you ready to satisfy that longing?

If so, it's time to heal your inner child.

2020 - while being harsh and unforgiving - has provided us the time to evaluate life, purpose, and reframing the definition of wealth and success. 

When you decide to invest in yourself the reward is immediate. Feelings of health, wealth, and creativity flow. 

It takes a lifetime of pain away when you decide you are worth it! 

Stop prolonging the inevitable. Healing is now. 

The chance to heal yourself is not a risk. It's a necessity to get you to your next, greatest thing. 
The time is now. 
Time is precious and it’s time to reclaim joy and marry it with the wisdom of age by integrating with our inner child.


The question you have to ask yourself, is - are you ready?

Are you finally ready for untapped potential for love and healing to be explored?
Are you ready to open the door to finally feeling free to be yourself in all areas of your life?

If you know that healing your inner child will allow you to live in your purpose and have an impact in the world, this is for you!

Benergy & Psyched For Life have joined superpowers to create an amazing Inner Child Workshop just for you! 

Develop a gentile loving relationship with your inner child through:
-guided meditations
-energy work

Hosted by:

Psyched for Life, Stephanie Diltz
MSW | NLP Certified | Time Line Therapy | Hypnotherapy


Benedetto, Benergy Healing
MAT | Reiki Master | Life Coach | Intuitive Reader

Sorry! You missed this event.
Be on the lookout for future events!

In the meantime, you can book a free session with Stephanie
and begin to work on your forward momentum.

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